Kitchen Remodeling

Your first option: to never give up the joy of cooking at home.

Your kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms of your home, it is important that your kitchen fits your changing lifestyle or age-related needs. Being able to prep and cook healthy, fresh meals without the hassle of maneuvering small, hard-to-reach areas will encourage you to stay healthy and keep you happy. Each kitchen remodel is customized for the individual, based on the recommendations from the Bath Fixers Free Home Assessment.

Examples of kitchen remodels to improve accessibility:

  • Countertops altered to fit your height and needs
  • More pantry space in lower cabinetry
  • Cleared space below countertops and sink to allow wheelchair access
  • Expanding a small kitchen aisle width
  • Lower Cooktops to improve ease of use
  • Double-drawer dishwasher

Can A Kitchen Remodeled for Accessibility be Stylish?

Yes! We know it’s important for you to love your home, especially the kitchen when it is the heart of a home!  You entertain, dine, and spend quality time with your family and friends in your kitchen.  Your design ideas and taste is always taken into consideration by our team as we plan your kitchen renovation. So, go ahead, show us the ideas you have dreamed about and also visit our gallery of recent remodeling projects. 

What Will Accessibility Remodeling Cost for a Kitchen?

It’s difficult to give an amount for building or remodeling a kitchen to allow accessibility.   There are so many factors that can effect the estimate we provide to you. We are able to help any remodel, from a kitchen with a budget to one with no expense spared.  You should rest assured though the estimate we give to you is the price you will pay for our work!

We can recommend many more customized options –  request an assessment today and ask our team how we can help you today!